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Devices Used in Electric VehiclesVehicles are used all around the world, which continues to affect the environment and everyday human life. With serious issues such as a decline in petroleum, global warming, and air pollution, there has recently been an increased demand for electric vehicles (EVs). To accommodate this demand and combat the issues of climate change and petroleum shortages, the EV market has significantly expanded in recent years. Trombetta is proud to be at the forefront of new EV technology, offering a wide range of electronic controls to ensure reliable EV operations.

Devices Used in Electric Vehicles

EV’s rely on various electro-mechanical and electronic controls to operate.  These include:

DC Contactors

As the vehicles battery and motor provide or generate power, that power must be controlled and diversified throughout the vehicle for various operating systems.

DC contactors are electro-mechanical devices that help direct power to each of the systems on a vehicle.  DC contactors consist of a plunger, a coil, and contacts. As they operate, the plunger moves into the coil and forces the contacts to close, which completes the circuit and allows electricity to flow. To stop the current, the contactor pulls the plunger out.

Voltage Regulators

While DC contactors help direct power, voltage regulators regulate the voltage and current for specific systems on a vehicle.

DC to DC Converters

EV powertrain voltages many times are significantly higher than voltage requirements for the various systems on the vehicle.  In these applications, a DC to DC Converter can be used to step down the voltage to meet the system requirements.

CAN and Other Electronic Controls

EVs are complex and utilize sophisticated systems that monitor and control the various functions on the vehicle.  Trombetta CAN and other electronic controls are an integral part of many electric vehicle applications and includes CAN splitters, graphical displays, and a variety of I/O modules as well as smart contactors.

Benefits of Partnering with Trombetta

Trombetta is a leader in the design and manufacturing of DC power switching and power management products for various mobile equipment, including EVs. With our engineering expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive testing capabilities, we can provide the highest quality electrical components. We understand that EV parts must adhere to strict specifications and standards, and we are well-equipped to deliver the necessary components. Our experts are dedicated to helping our customers meet market demands by delivering innovative solutions for increased performance.

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