Electric Vehicles

Trombetta builds several products for electric vehicles in several industries including golf carts, fork lifts, pallet jacks, UTVs, mowers, snow removers, delivery vans, and transit buses.  Trombetta builds DC contactors, voltage limiters, DC to DC converters, and various electronic controls to serve each of these unique markets.

Related Products

Full Silver PowerSeal

The same PowerSeal design with higher current capabilities

DC-DC Converter

Trombetta’s new DC-DC Converter converts from 36/48V down to 12V for accessories.


PowerSeal DC Contactors are used on a wide range of electric vehicles

Single Phase Half Wave Voltage Regulators

Max Current 15 Amps

Economical low power solution typically used for Lawn & Garden Engines or other low power applications.

J1939 H-Bridge Module

20A output with CAN control of output direction, frequency, duty cycle, and peak current. Built in short circuit and overload protection along with reverse battery and voltage transient protection.

J1939 190A Output Module

Provides 10 digital or PWM outputs capable of 25A per output with independent frequency and duty cycle control

13A Solid State Relay

13A switching at 125C for 2.5 million cycles and features like short circuit, reverse battery, and load dump protection built in.  This solid state solution is made to work in 12VDC or 24VDC systems.

J1939 I/O Expansion Module

Small I/O expansion with 4 digital inputs, 2 sourcing outputs, and 1 sinking output.

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