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All of our electronic controls were designed by Trombetta engineers to meet specific application requirements and we can do the same thing for you.  Contact Trombetta with your next custom control requirement.  

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Related Products

Power Distribution Module

Provides a central location for relays, fuses, and logic; reducing wiring and assembly cost.

Diesel Pre-Heat Module

Temperature sensing and timing module designed to provide optimum control of Diesel Engine/Cold Starting assist devices such as glow plugs and air intake heaters.

Battery Separator

Automatically provides auxiliary battery charging after main battery is fully charged

PWM Module

Stand alone Pulse Width Modulation device.

Fan Motor Controller

Fan Control Module is set up to reverse the direction of the fan after pre-set time to blow grass and other debris from the blower housing allowing it to run efficiently without any clogging or reduced airflow.

12V Timer Module

Solid state timer switches 12 VDC up to 12A – 2 min ON, 3 min OFF

Ag Implement Flasher Module

This enhanced lighting module features integrated automotive connectors to provide a cost effective and heavy duty solution to meet the ASAE standard for Ag lighting.

Automotive H-Bridge Module

This solid state DC load reversing contactor is wired in an H-Bridge configuration and is rated for up to 20A at 24VDC.

Sealed Bus Bar

This module eliminates corroded connection points and the potential for intermittent connections on the bus bar.

Automotive Headlight Flasher Module

This 2 output device will operate a 2 or 4 headlight system and flash each output at a frequency of 115 times per minute.

DC to DC Converter

This converter is designed to provide 24V to 12V power conversion for heavy duty vehicles.

Intelligent Motor Control

Uses standard packaging methods and components to supply Motor Controllers designed specifically for customer applications.

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