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Simplify CAN wiring, save space and weight, reduce overall CAN wiring costs


“CAN distribution is usually a bit of a mess, and we found the Trombetta 99-0650 splitters work very well for reducing some of the wiring mess we normally have. We run 3 CAN buses so trying to keep the CAN wiring straight can be difficult.  Anything we can do to reduce the space it takes and keep it organized is appreciated, and so far the 99-0650 CAN splitters are one of the better solutions we’ve found.”    Steve H, Engineer, MN

CAN Devices

A Controller Area Network (CAN) bus device is an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), sensor, or other microprocessor based control, also known as a node, in a CAN network. These devices provide a quick and accurate exchange of information (communications) to enhance the function and performance of systems and subsystems in a vehicle without complex wiring.

CAN Splitters

CAN Splitters offer a space, weight, and cost-saving solution for various applications. Trombetta splitters come in various configurations to reduce CAN bus harnessing and save money. Utilizing automotive-style or M12-style connectors, our splitters easily fit into any J1939, NMEA2000, or CANopen system.

CAN Bus Splitter – J1939

With CAN Bus Splitter – J1939, you can connect multiple devices efficiently and cost-effectively. It eliminates the need for Y adapters and an additional harness. Due to its small footprint, it can easily fit into congested spaces. We can provide you with a customized CAN Bus Splitter – J1939 to meet your needs.

CANopen Bus Splitter

A CANopen Bus Splitter allows you to connect multiple devices to the CANopen bus by utilizing M12 connector points. It is a cost-effective and space-efficient way to link different devices and create a system. It’s an easily mountable module, ideal for harsh environments with a small footprint. You can order a custom CANopen Bus Splitter according to your application requirements.

Power Splitters / Sealed Bus Bar

Power Splitters / Sealed Bus Bar

Trombetta is a leading producer of high-quality power splitter products in various configurations to meet your specific application needs.

Power splitters provide a space-efficient and cost-effective solution for powering multiple devices. They split power or ground supplies for devices in a system and provide a sealed and secure connection point that won’t corrode or loosen over time.

The Trombetta Power Splitter is a high-quality 100% sealed bus bar that helps eliminate corroded points of connection and significantly reduces installation labor.. It allows you to link up to 24 independent connections and effectively operate in a temperature range of 40° C to 125° C. We have made the sealed bus bars for peak performance even in the most severe conditions.

Trombetta Solutions

You can order CAN bus wiring, CAN splitters, CAN bus splitters, and CAN J1939 splitters from Trombetta, according to your particular needs and specifications. We are the industry-leading DC power solutions provider, offering a wide range of CAN bus wiring and splitters for various applications. We have designed our innovative and compact products to reduce costs and give optimal performance in extreme conditions without compromising quality.

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