Next Generation Power Switching

Milwaukee, WI (November 21, 2013) – With no moving parts to wear it out, Trombetta’s 125 amp Solid State Relay offers a longer life-span than any other contactors in its class. The unit can be used in rough environments; withstanding vibration, moisture, large operating temperature ranges, and debris. Trombetta’s long history of incorporating power switching components within our products along with our ability to properly control them puts you in a “Solid State” of mind.

Whether it’s our electro-mechanical or solid-state switching Trombetta is your source for power switching. Please contact Trombetta for your next power switching requirement.

125 Amp Solid-State Relay Specifications

Output Switch Rating

  • 125 Amps continuous from -40c to +65c
  • 75 Amps continuous from +65c to +100c
  • 250 Amps surge for 10ms (temperature de-rated)
  • 300 Amps short-circuit response – 10uS (temperature de-rated)
  • 100 volt peak 12 volt Load Dump (0.75 Ohm source impedance)
  • 200 volt peak 24 volt Load Dump (6 Ohm source impedance)
  • Will not block reverse-battery condition (will activate load) Will not be damaged
  • 60 volt leakage – 1uA typical
  • 66 volt leakage – 1mA typical
  • 80 volt Peak pass-thru current- 40 Amps (maximum 10mS duration)
  • Full automotive Surge, spike and ESD protection
  • Connections: Battery – M10 SS Stud, Load – M8 SS Stud
  • Mounting footprint – 3.00 x 4.75 inches

Activation Input

  • 2 Pin pigtail with Deutch DT06-2S-EP06 male connector
  • Input is polarized.
  • Reverse Battery protection.
  • Full automotive surge, spike and ESD protection
  • Galvanic isolated from output.
  • Capacitive coupling from (-) input to output – 0.1uF
  • Activation Voltage over full -40c to +100c range:
  • 5.0 volts minimum
  • 32 volts continuous
  • Activation Current: less than 15mA