Lawn & Garden

Trombetta serves several well-known brands within the lawn and garden industry for both residential and commercial equipment including riding mowers, small lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, and snow blowers. Due to the harsh use of this type of equipment, each product goes through an array of in-house verification / validation testing (vibration, thermal cycle, humidity, and life cycle) in the design phase and each production part we build is electrically tested before it leaves our facility. Products typically used in this market include our Plastic Series of DC contactors, and low current voltage regulators.

Related Products

Plastic Contactor

Trombetta’s redesigned Plastic Contactor is more compact than its predecessor.

Single Phase Full Wave Voltage Regulators

Max Current 30 Amps

Economical mid-power solution

J1939 Gyro-Inclinometer

Solid state MEMs technology with enhanced immunity to shock and vibration

J1939 Splitters

Provides multiple connection points while maintaining the integrity of the bus


RoHS Certified

Available in 12 , 15 , 24 , 36 , and 48 volts depending on duty cycle

J1939 H-Bridge Module

25A output with CAN control of output direction, frequency, duty cycle, and peak current

J1939 12 Output Module

Provides 8 – 20A outputs and 4 – 3A outputs, 12V to 24V nominal operating voltage

J1939 to USB Adapter

Converts J1939 messages to USB format

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