Heavy Trucks & RV

Trombetta supplies several products to the Heavy Truck & RV markets including DC contactors for starting and grid heaters as well as CAN controls ranging from I/O devices to H-bridge modules and sensors.  Our Reverse Polarity family of contactors are used extensively in the RV industry for wall slide applications.

Related Products

Solid State Relay

Our reliable Solid State Relay is ideal for various loads that NEED to be operated no matter the condition.

Full Silver PowerSeal

RoHS Certified

Available in 12 , 24 , 36 , and 48 volts versions

J1939 Gyro-Inclinometer

Solid state MEMs technology with enhanced immunity to shock and vibration

200A Latching Battery Separator

Ideal for truck, RV, or emergency vehicles with main and auxiliary batteries. Efficiently charge charge the auxiliary battery without compromising the main battery. Modern design integrates the electronic control in a compact and rugged package built for performance.

Reverse Polarity

The Reverse Polarity family is used on RVs for slides and stabilizing systems.

J1939 20 Output Module

Provides 20 digital and PWM outputs to expand system capabilities

J1939 CAN Gateway

Provides communications between the 250 kbps bus and the 500 kbps bus

J1939 Splitters

Provides multiple connection points while maintaining the integrity of the bus

J1939 2X24 LCD

Built for a tough industrial vehicle environment and features LED backlighting to make it readable in sunlight

J1939 RTD Input Module

Reads up to 6 RTD probes and transmits them to the bus

J1939 to USB Adapter

Converts J1939 messages to USB format

Sealed Bus Bar

Sealed automotive style connection points offer cost effective and secure connections to the ground or positive power bus

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