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Trombetta serves a wide variety of applications in the agriculture and construction industries including earthmoving equipment, lift equipment, and large tractors. The agricultural and construction industries have relied on Trombetta for our robust line of DC contactors used for main power switching, starting, and hydraulic applications. Our Defender contactor is hermetically sealed to ensure reliable operation even at extremely low temperatures. Trombetta’s Solid State Relay is our most reliable contactor with no moving parts to wear out.

Apart from our strong line of DC contactors, Trombetta has other controls, including CAN devices, that will enhance the functionality and productivity of agriculture and construction equipment.  Through innovation, our engineering team has helped customers cut costs and save equipment space by designing and implementing creative custom solutions and value added assemblies.  Please contact us to explore what solutions Trombetta can offer to your application.

Related Products

Solid State Relay

With no moving parts, the 125 Amp Solid State Relay is the most durable contactor Trombetta has to offer.


The Defender is hermetically sealed to ensure reliable starting and operation in cold, wet, or icy conditions.

J1939 20 Output Module

10 – 3A PWM outputs, 10 – 3A digital outputs, 12V to 24V nominal operating voltage

J1939 Gyro-Inclinometer

This solid state J1939 gyro compensating inclinometer utilizes MEMs technology to precisely output the angular data to the J1939 bus.

J1939 Splitters

Sealed automotive style connector splitters are cost effective for CAN bus applications and come in a variety of connector sizes and configurations

Rubber Keypads

Fully encapsulated rubberized keypads in standard or custom configurations

J1939 100A Output Module

Provides 10 digital or PWM outputs – 8 capable of 25A each, 2 capable of 10A each.  All outputs have independent frequency and duty cycle control

J1939 CAN Gateway

Provides communications between the 250 kbps bus and the 500 kbps bus

Diesel Pre-Heat Module

Temperature sensing and timing module designed to provide optimum control of Diesel Engine/Cold Starting assist devices such as glow plugs and air intake heaters

Ag Implement Flasher Module

This enhanced lighting module features integrated automotive connectors to provide a cost effective and heavy duty solution to meet the ASAE standard for Ag lighting

J1939 190A Output Module

Provides 10 digital or PWM outputs capable of 25A per output with independent frequency and duty cycle control

Value Added Assembly

Let us help you reduce the cost of your electrical or electronic assembly

13A Solid State Relay

13A switching at 125C for 2.5 million cycles and features like short circuit, reverse battery, and load dump protection built in.  This solid state solution is made to work in 12VDC or 24VDC systems.

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