Who We Are

Trombetta is a worldwide leader in DC power switching and power management products for mobile equipment.  We develop and manufacturer DC contactors, CAN devices, voltage regulators, industrial solenoids, and a variety of other electronic controls. We are focused on helping our customers meet their market demands for innovative technology and increased performance.

World Class Engineering Capabilities

Our engineering staff covers a broad range of experience and disciplines including electrical, mechanical, and industrial and are dedicated to the highest levels of excellence.  Our customers have trusted the strong Trombetta tradition of designing products for extreme conditions.


Robust circuit design is essential to provide product dependability.  That’s why we design all of the circuits used in our products to match our customer’s applications and ensure the highest level of performance.


Precision mechanical design is at the heart of Trombetta’s reputation for performance in extreme conditions. We design all of the hardware used in our products ranging from housings and castings to pins and contacts.


Our industrial engineers work to optimize efficiency in all of our manufacturing processes and ensure precision accuracy, repeatability, and the highest level of quality.

Comprehensive In-house Test Lab

Trombetta is dedicated to product validation through extensive lab testing to guaranty that the products we build will withstand the extreme environments our customers require. In-house test capabilities include Mechanical shock, swept sine vibration, random vibration, drop test, thermal cycling (w/humidity), thermal shock, ESD, jump start protection, load dump protection, and marking indelibility.

Shock and vibration testing to 50G

Thermal shock and cycling including humidity

Application specific cycle and accelerated life testing.

State of the Art Circuit Assembly

Trombetta’s automated PCB assembly processes are precisely established and monitored to ensure the highest quality.

High speed SMT assembly

Precision robotic soldering

Automated optical inspection.

Final Assembly and Testing

Trombetta performs a wide range of final assembly services including potting, conformal coating, over-molding, box build, and other value added services to meet the specific needs of each application. All of our products are functionally tested before they are shipped to ensure the highest level of reliability and quality for our customers.

Product final assembly including box build and other value added services

PCB overmolding

Product specific functional testing

Mission Statement

Trombetta will continue in a leadership position of designing and manufacturing products for application in power switching and power management products in mobile harsh environments. We will defend our current position supplying voltage regulators, DC contactors, work solenoids, and Canbus enabled devices as well as expand electronic offerings in our target markets. We will strive to grow our worldwide market share by both new product introduction and expanded global footprint for sales and manufacturing operations in targeted international markets and customers. We will maintain our high level of quality and on time delivery to our customers while constantly striving to reduce costs and improve company profitability.

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8111 North 87th Street, Milwaukee WI, 53224 USA