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Trombetta combines industry-leading engineering and innovation with quality manufacturing and unsurpassed customer service. Our products are designed to perform in the harshest conditions across a broad range of markets and industries.

Standard Motor Products, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Trombetta

Standard Motor Products, Inc., a leading automotive parts manufacturer and distributor, announced today that it has acquired 100% of the capital stock of Trumpet Holdings, Inc., more commonly known as “Trombetta”.

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What We Offer

DC Contactors

Robust DC contactors including general use, sealed, silver contacts, reversing, and solid state configurations

CAN Devices

CAN enabled products ranging from I/O modules to sensors for J1939, CANopen, or NMEA2000 CAN systems.

Digital Switching

Membrane switches and rubber keypads in standard and custom configurations for both CAN or non-CAN systems.


Cost effective splitters for signal and power distribution using sealed automotive or M12 connectors.

Voltage Regulators

High performance voltage regulators that provide reliable charging up to 60 amps

Industrial Solenoids

Industrial solenoids that offer high power in a small footprint and can include integrated controls

Electronic Controls

Trombetta builds controls for a variety of applications and industries in standard as well as custom configurations

Integrated Component Modules

Sealed integrated components housed in or around automotive style connectors

Markets We Serve

AG & Construction

DC Contactors,Solid State Relays, CAN Devices, Splitters, Digital Switching Products, and other value added services

Lawn & Garden

DC Contactors, Digital Switching Products, CAN Devices, and Splitters



DC Contactors, Voltage Regulators, Industrial Solenoids, CAN Devices, and Splitters

Electric Vehicles

DC Contactors, Voltage Limiters, Voltage Regulators, and DC to DC Converters



H-Bridge Modules, CAN Devices, Splitters, Digital Switching Products, and Battery Separators

Heavy Trucks/RV

DC Contactors, CAN Devices, Splitters, Digital Switching Products, Solid State Relays, and Battery Separators

Mobile Hydraulics

DC Contactors


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